Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research

Founded in 2004 by Professor Rolf Luft, a legendary Swedish diabetologist and endocrinologist, and Professor Kerstin Brismar, a Swedish Senior Consultant in diabetes and endocrine diseases.

The Mission of the Foundation is to support research in the area of diabetes and its complications.

More and more people suffer from diabetes
Diabetes is growing exponentially world-wide. It is estimated that 600.000 people in Sweden have diabetes, 35 million in Europe and 200 millions in the World. In 2030, 500 millions will have diabetes. There is an epidemic increase all over the world which shortly will increase the costs. Diabetes and its complications will cost more than 50% of medical care costs. The cost for medical care is today 2.5 times higher in the diabetes population than if no diabetes. Intensive research is needed to stop the exponential growth of diabetes and its consequences.

About 10% of these have type 1 diabetes, previously known as juvenile diabetes, the more aggressive kind of diabetes, which targets the immune system and always requires insulin therapy.

Sweden and the Nordic countries have the highest incidence of type 1 diabetes in the World. Every day 2-3 children and 3-4 adults are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Sweden.

The remaining 90% have type 2 diabetes, previously known as adult-onset diabetes. Every day 30-40 adults are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Sweden.



One or two of us have diabetes. This is why we drive for major advances in diabetes research, which will benefit the many people who suffer from this devastating disease.

It is estimated that an additional 3-5% ore more of the population have type 2 diabetes without being aware of it.
A large component have so-called “pre-diabetes”, i.e. difficulties handling glucose in a proper way, and are at risk to suffer from type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other health problems, later in life

Living with diabetes requires constantly monitoring food/drink intake and level of activity while adjusting treatment accordingly. There is a great risk for late stage complications as a consequence of the disease, such as visual impairment/blindness, kidney damage/failure, chronic foot ulcers, amputations, myocardial infarction, stroke, impotence, depression, joint problems etc. With insulin treatment, there is also a great concern for serious acute consequences of low blood sugar, which in the worst case can lead to unconsciousness, epileptic seizures and death.

More research is needed
to prevent, treat and cure diabetes and its complications, and to improve the current conditions of everyday life for people with diabetes.

It is important to continuously support diabetes research since it can take up to 15-20 years from new discoveries until people with diabetes can benefit from it. There is a risk that the research of today could slow down since the funding of diabetic research from the Swedish government only covers a part of the need and industry/venture capital is moving away from early-stage efforts. The so-called “Valley of Death” describes this period of translational research, which currently lacks funding from private and public sources.

The Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research was founded to address this gap and its Mission is to raise funds to support Swedish diabetes research.

Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research is named after Professor Rolf Luft, who made pioneering discoveries in diabetes research, and has laid the foundations of modern diabetes care, based on the patient´s need, in Sweden and worldwide as President for The International Diabetes Federation.

Please donate now!  
By giving a donation to Rolf Luft Foundation for Diabetes Research you support the important research of Diabetes and it's complications. Please read more about how to donate via this link: http://www.rolfluftdiabetesfond.se/web/page.aspx?refid=37

Updated 19/03/2023
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